Cats, dogs, art, and architecture

Cats And Dogs

Okay. There’s enough furniture in the living room to outfit two apartments, but so far, so good. Random has accepted that Jazzy is not a threat (Mavis isn’t completely convinced) but hasn’t quite decided he’s a friend yet.

Random has actually been wandering into Ban’s room to peruse at his leisure, even hopping up on the waterbed a couple times. He no longer completely wigs out when Jazz walks by him. Mavis comes out from hiding more often, too … I expected it would take longer for her to come around, though, so as far as I’m concerned, she’s doing pretty well.

The kitchen, of course, has to accomodate two foodies now. Which is something we’re both fine with.

Still to do: sell the piano. I hardly ever play it anymore, and all it does is take up space. I already have a MIDI keyboard anyway, all I need to do is find my cable so I can connect it to my computer … and I’m nowhere near the keyboardist that I am the bassist anyway. I hate to see the piano go, but realistically, it’s not worth keeping anymore.

Handling Art History

Coming through Springfield on Monday, after arranging for the U-Haul trailer to get his larger stuff here, he very causally mentioned that we were a few blocks from a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Seeing my jaw in the vicinity of the footwell, he wisely surmised that I would not object to seeing it. I’ve been a huge fan of Wright’s architecture for as long as I can recall–add this to “another thing we didn’t know about The Rev” if necessary. :)

In specific, it’s the Westcott House, one of the definitive Prairie Style houses. It’s currently undergoing a total renovation, back to its original layout and everything. Some Philistine subdivided the place into apartments around 1940.

Anyway, we walked around it and I cursed myself for not having my camera with me, along the way passing by a dumpster.

Within … oik. Original wood from the house, too weathered to be restored, but original nonetheless, showing a lot of the old wood stain. And yes, definitely being discarded and not set aside for reinstallation.

Having learned the Ancient and Honorable Art of Dumpster Diving from my mom, a 6″ piece of what must have been part of the external window grating is now in my possession. An original piece of a Wright house … I don’t believe it. I was psyched enough to actually see a Wright house for the first time, but jeez! We’re going to build a display case for it, using a picture of the Westcott House as a background.

Gettin’ Artistic

I’ve begun posting some of my photography on my website. You can see it at ik’s pics. I love the camera Dad gave me. :)

Oh, and I got a one-day gig doing a desktop rollout on Friday, 2pm until completion. Better’n nothin’, I guess.


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