Stray thoughts

I haven’t commented on the Terry Schiavo case here yet. She’s finally at peace, and hopefully her family will be left in peace in short order.

I’ve been through more or less the same process, when we lost Uncle Mike in early ’01. He was already undergoing treatment for lung cancer, then in short order suffered both a heart attack and a stroke… which is also when they found the emphysema.

We’re goddamn hard to kill in my family.

Dad, Grandma and Grandpa knew the right thing was to disconnect life support. Mike wanted it that way, and there was no measurable chance of recovery. We were all with him when he died. In a strange way, it was agonizing and uplifting at the same time.

Had some right-wing “christian” stooge tried to get a court order to stop it, that person would have ended up on life support themselves.

Congress’ action a couple weeks ago was one of their more disgraceful moments in the last 216 years. Would the Idiot-In-Chief act so fast to extend unemployment benefits, or raise the minimum wage?

On the plus side: this has hurt him, and Bill Frist, and Tom DeLay politically.

Jerry Falwell is in the hospital. Those who know me know I go out of my way to avoid wishing ill on anyone, so that’s all I have to say on that.

The Pope has received Last Rites. Unlike Falwell, I like the Pope. His personality kept me a nominal Catholic well after I finally started wandering theologically from the fold. And while I disagree with him on most every theological and social point, I understand where he’s coming from. I was raised a Polish Catholic. I know.

Should the Pope fail to recover, I think I might light a candle in his memory.

Should that bigoted hypocrite Falwell fail to recover, I think I might light fireworks in celebration.

Not that I’m bitter.


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