Beer and grass

Well, now that I have your attention … some of ya, anyway. I’m working this week and next, doing a rollout at the Anheuser-Busch brewery here in Columbus.

If I get pulled over during the next fortnight and the cop says I smell like a brewery, I’ll have a reason for it.

Anyhow. No-brainer of a job, really. Haul the machines, set up the machines, take the old machines away. The team lead’s not exactly a people person, but as long as he’s not on my back, it doesn’t matter to me.

It’s a little weird walking around under vats holding thousands of gallons of beer. Skanky beer, seeing as how it’s Bud, but beer nonetheless. They make us (okay, userinfocashewlou, you can start laughing at me) wear ‘Bud Light’ caps. Feh. My head is advertising pisswater.

As for the grass part … well, it is Masters Week, my favorite tournament of the year. I think I’m going to call for Lefty to repeat, since he’s coming off (another) win last weekend. That would so totally rock.

Here’s my call for the final standings … we’ll find out how wrong I was come Sunday :)

  1. Phil Mickelson
  2. Padraig Harrington
  3. Vijay Singh
  4. Mike Weir
  5. Carlos Franco
  6. Thomas Bjorn
  7. Chris DiMarco
  8. Tiger Woods
  9. Jay Haas
  10. Fred Funk

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  1. cashewlou on

    Oooo! Can I have your cap when you’re done with it? o(:o)

    Now, my Masters prediction:

    1. Phil Mickelson
    2. Phil Mickelson (he will win so well no one will take second)
    3. Ernie Els (he’s hungry for a green jacket)
    4. Tiger Woods
    5. Padraig Harrington
    6. Chris DiMarco
    7. Mike Weir (maybe–his playing has been shaky)

    1214. Charles Barkley
    1215. Margaret Burke
    1216. Pope John Paul II
    1217. Vijay Singh (’cause he deserves it)

    • That was the plan, actually, to send it to you after the assignment, because God knows I won’t ever wear it again. :)

      BTW, Phil is two under so far… DiMarco is leading at -4

      Unfortunately, The Creature is also at -2. Well, there’s another three and a half rounds to go — they got a late start due to bad weather.

      Zach Johnson had it to one under through three … and then closed out at something like five over. Augusta will do that to a rookie.

  2. soundwave106 on

    Their gear does make my measley 4 gallon batches look pitiful. :)

    But at least I don’t make pisswater!

    • Their gear is scary. I just missed seeing a crash on the bottle line tonight. About a hundred bottles flew all over the place … and they had it cleaned up and the line back up to speed within about five minutes.

      Meanwhile, I smell hops everywhere, even after I get home.

      • soundwave106 on

        That’s pretty ironic considering their beers aren’t really that hopped.

        Hops is biologically related to marijuana (cannabinacae family) so you have your second connection to grass, I guess. :)

      • cashewlou on

        You are hereby re-dubbed the Reverend Doctor Sherwood McKenzie.

        Coo loo coo coo coo coo coo coo!


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