o/` She TRIIIIED to kill me with a fork lift! (Olé!) o/`

Okay, for the second time since the project started, I had a close encounter with a fork lift at work. And every time I do, it’s a woman driver (here’s where the hate mail starts, ne? :)).

The first time was my fault; I wasn’t paying attention. This time, it was probably no one’s fault, I suppose.

I gotta tell ya — I hate Anheuser-Busch “beers”, but the complex in Columbus is just amazing to watch in action. I can’t help but think of Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse” when I walk through the plant.

The loading dock is an area I call “Robot Rumpus”, populated by what I call “feeping creatures” — these pallet-lifting robots that run around apparently freely, moving pallets of beer to their proper docks. It’s amazing to see.

Our team lead is a doofus of biblical proportions, but apparently he had a talking-to after one of our team members called him a dick and stormed off the job. Funny thing is, you can see him trying very hard to be nice instead of reverting to his old ways.

I lost all respect for him when he tried to give me instructions on how to use White-Out. Oy.


7 comments so far

  1. filkertom on

    This is the po-o-ost written for the LJ,
    This is the pallet, loading the beer,
    She tri-i-ied to kill you with a fork-lift — Ole!

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      That about made my day. Had one of my nieces visiting earlier, and they get precedence when it comes to day-making :)

  2. 66_pony on

    Robot RUMP????


    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      No, you’re not.

      (Robot Rump-Ass … gah, it only gets worse…)

      • 66_pony on

        Well no, not really. Just apologizing for my own lack of self-control, I suppose.

  3. nsingman on

    No, the hate mail starts when people read the comments, and see this tasteless joke:

    Q: Why can’t Helen Keller drive?
    A: Because she’s a woman.

    [runs away]
    [really fast, too, since I don’t drive, and my beauteous and oft-praised does, and very well]

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