Revenge of the Feeping Creatures

Some of you may recall a previous journal entry where I talked about the Feeping Creatures at the Anheuser-Busch brewery here in Columbus–the little pallet-loading robots that make little ‘feep’ noises while they move.

I’m doing another A-B job, this one at the Reynoldsburg facility where they make cans for their beer, and Pepsi products.

They have a couple Feeping Creatures too.

We were warned by the safety trainer this morning that, well, there are a few bugs in the system and not to get too close, because their rangefinders aren’t working all the way up to par.

And where is the very first place they sent us this morning? Right into the Robot Rumpus to unbox computers.

They left us alone, fortunately.

Until later in the day, when one of them zapped my leg–at a pretty good distance–with its rangefinding laser.

Or are they armed, and it was just testing its aim…?


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  1. soundwave106 on

    Never knew working at a big beer plant was so dangerous.

    • Me either … we had a major safety lecture before starting the first job in April, and another one today. And I gotta say, a brewery is not where I expected to see free-roaming industrial robots.

      • soundwave106 on

        I would’ve based on the little professional brewing stuff I’ve been exposed too… seems like some of it is just for the beancounters unfortunately… but that makes for the difference between Budweiser and premium brands.

        • Well, it’s not like Anheuser-Busch actually makes any drinkable beers anyway. I’m a Guinness man usually, with detours for Hoster’s, or the stray microbrew that shows up at the local specialty joint. Having a zillion gallons of Bud Light zooming around me one can or bottle at a time asymptotically approaches one of my definitions of Hell.

          The robots, in both plants, work only in the loading docks. I guess once everything is sorted out and palletized, it’s probably reasonably cost-efficient to buy a small horde of Feeping Creatures and let them move their crap into trucks. At the main brewery, at least, they had it down to a science. At the can manufacturing plant, they’re still babysitting them.

          Which reminds me, one of the little bastards shot me again today with its laser rangefinder. And then it snuck up on me (or maybe it was a different one, I don’t know) while I was moving a hand-truck of computers.

          I think they’re preparing to revolt.

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