A movie meme

Scarfed from filkertom:

  1. How many films do I own on DVD/video?
    • Some 270 in digital format–mostly DVDs, some downloads from The Digital MSTie Project. I’m not even going to try to count my videotapes–just between MST3K and B5, and my collection of unMSTed versions of movies from MST (you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Manos or Overdrawn at the Memory Bank unMSTed), there are damn near enough to undergo gravitational collapse.
  2. What was the last film I bought?
  3. What was the last film I watched?
  4. What are five films that I watch a lot, or that mean a lot to me?
    • Citizen Kane — living with userinfocashewlou, who was a film major, I learned a lot about the craft of movies, and learned to appreciate just how important damn near every frame of this particular film is. Kane, for many reasons, really is the most important American movie ever made.
    • The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra — To quote Steve Macdonald, I just love those old B movies. And Lost Skeleton is 75% parody of and 75% homage to them–there’s a lot of overlap. Filmmaker Larry Blamire’s love of the genre shines through in every shot, the commentary tracks are almost as funny as the movie itself, and the DVD extras have to be seen to be believed.
    • Plan Nine from Outer Space — Insert the above Steve Macdonald quote again. I’m never sure if this or Glen or Glenda? is the definitive Ed Wood movie, but Plan Nine is surely the more watchable of the two. It’s a goofy ride through Ed’s brain, complete with a dead star, stream-of-consciousness dialogue, and the cheesiest special effects outside of “The Creeping Terror”. Unlike most grade-Z movies, though, Wood films have that certain special something to them–you can tell just how much Ed loved movies, and his earnestness shines through all his lack of talent.
    • Duck Soup — The Marx Brothers’ surrealist masterpiece. And frankly, I’d rather have Rufus T. Firefly as president than the moron we got now.

      Eeeeyagh … I only get one more pick? I mean, there’s Pi, Strangelove, the Burton/Hurt 1984, 2001, Nosferatu, The Point, Metropolis, Inherit the Wind… my brain is melting!!! Okay, I guess I have to go with…

    • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie — This is one of those rare movies that I can drop in the DVD player any time at all; I’m always in the mood for watching this movie. It’s a little more accessible for the newcomer to MST3K than the series–the deep and obscure cultural references are missing, mainly–but it’s all there in glorious widescreen.

    I’m going to add one to this meme:

  5. What’s your filmic guilty pleasure?
    • I’d say grade-Z movies, but I’m not at all guilty about them. I’d have to say my guilty pleasure is the late-50s/early 60s peplums (sword and sandal flicks). What can I say, Steve Reeves in his prime was very easy on the eyes… ;)

Coming soon: the answers to my book meme quiz.


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  1. 66_pony on

    I’m not even going to try to count my videotapes–just between MST3K and B5

    Of course, one COULD purchase B5 on DVD, since they’re all out now, including the movies, and recapture some shelf space.

    • Except they–like the Cosmos set–are too expensive for me right now. one could buy them … but one can’t right now.

      • 66_pony on

        Ah, that does make a difference (they’re in anamorphic widescreen!) Next (first?) time you’re in town, you’re welcome over for a viewing.

        • If I ever find myself out in that part of the world, you’re on. With any luck, I can edge myself up the food chain at TCML and start getting sent out to remote sites instead of puttering around central and southwest Ohio. And the next (first?) time you’re in Columbus, stop by and I’ll show you my MST:Movie DVD (for which I shall never be able to thank userinfocashewlou enough!)

          Or if you prefer, my unMSTed Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. :)

          • 66_pony on

            You’re welcome to show me the later, so long as you promise not to put it in the player!!

            I have a video copy of Movie, but I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices on eBay for a DVD copy. With “Petticoat Junction” just announced, SURELY they’ll re-release someday… right?

            • I have no idea why the DVD release of MST3K:TM was so limited… but then again, so was the theatrical release. MST was always one of those shows that the suits and beancounters never could understand. You’d think they’d just let the Brains do what they were doing, since it had and has a very committed fanbase.

              • 66_pony on

                At some level, it must not have been making money. But, unless there are rights issues involved now (I don’t think there are), it’s CHEAP to rerelease a DVD. I don’t see why they don’t.

                • Personally, I blame idiocy. I mean, look at the numbers Rhino must be generating on the episode sets.

                  • 66_pony on

                    I’d like to… obviously they’re making a profit, or they wouldn’t have released set 7. Do you have any inkling of the actual sale numbers?

                    • No, but I assume they’re pretty good or they’d’ve dropped the line by now. It’s a niche market, but it’s a very dedicated niche.

                • soundwave106 on

                  Probably idiocy. It was part of the Universal deal with Image, that eventually got pulled — the rumor was Image was charging too little. (scratches head)

                  For a while, the Hughes films (“Weird Science”, “Breakfast Club” etc.), They Live, and a couple others were also affected. They are all pretty much back, except for MST3K: TM.

                  Maybe BBI hopes to renegotiate with Rhino some day. *shrug*

                  MST3K: TM is a movie I will send DVD-Rs to, to anyone who asks for them.

          • 66_pony on

            “latter” even.

  2. ataniell93 on

    How is it that I managed not to know you love sword-and-sandal flicks when we used to be MARRIED? And I love them TOO? (Though, for different reasons.)

    • I didn’t have very many of ’em when we were together — they were virtually impossible to find, back before the days of Sinister Cinema and Alpha Video. The few I had taped off TV, I never really bothered to unpack.

      It can’t be too great a surprise that I watch ’em, of course. It’s partly an eye candy thing, partly a bad movie thing–let’s face it, damn few peplums have good acting/story/etc–none that I can think of, not even the grand-daddy of them all, the Reeves ‘Hercules’.

      Although now that I think about it, you’re probably one of the few wives who wouldn’t have wigged out to have their husband suggest watching a movie full of beefy guys. :)

  3. nsingman on

    You have good taste, Rev.

    “Aliens? Us? Is this one of your Earth jokes?” :-)

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