More stray thoughts.

Stray Thought The First

So I have some studio software now, that in principle will let me play directly into the computer and actually lay down tracks. If I get anything worth sharing, I’ll post a link. With my musical background, I’ll be tackling some Grateful Dead first. Fingers crossed.

Something’s snapped loose in my guitar playing; I play a lot looser now, definitely better. And my basslines have improved along with it. The theremin is still a mystery, but it’s getting better. Now all I have to do is convince my sound card that my MIDI keyboard isn’t the spawn of the devil and it is okay to talk to it.

userinfoataniell93, I think one of the tunes I’ll tackle is ‘Althea’. Details if and when they happen. :)

Mostly I’m thinking of covering a handful of their classics, many of which are covers by the Dead themselves: Good Lovin’, Not Fade Away, Aiko, that sort of thing. And a few Dead originals, which are more complicated. Certainly Althea, which has always been one of my favorites as well as userinfoataniell93‘s. I need to really learn Box of Rain (I know it in outline, but not in detail). Certainly Sugaree, probably Uncle John’s Band and Friend of the Devil (the slower version they played in concert, not the upbeat album version). Might try to tackle Unbroken Chain, but not for a while—that song is so complicated, the Dead themselves didn’t play it in concert until 1995.

Might take on some Oroboros/JiMiller Band, too. Then … oh, I dunno. Might try some Beatles, some TMBG, and definitely some freestyle jamming just to see what happens.

I might make ’em available for download even if I think I sound awful, because I know I’m my own harshest critic. :)

Stray Thought the Second

My roommate makes unspeakably good chili. Woof!

Stray Thought the Third

So I finally hit a driving range today for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long. userinfocashewlou no doubt remembers my annual session with Terry Miskolczi at the North Coast Golf Show every January; this was the first time I’ve been able to put his lessons into practice in a while.

Aside Number One: If you’re serious about golf, there is little quite so soul-shattering as the very first time you have your swing videotaped. In my defense, I will say that my swing now looks like an athletic move, and not a nervous condition.

Anyway. Let me say this about the above-mentioned golf coach: He is a god. I’m not a TOUR-level player by any stretch, but when I start spanking 160-yard eight irons, something magical has happened. When I can hit my driving iron at all, we’ve passed magical and moved into the miraculous.

I ain’t consistent, but when I’m on, I’m on. It’s a true sight to behold.


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