A new low in hypocrisy

I was listening to All Things Considered on my way from Dayton Hamvention Saturday evening when I heard the above-mentioned new low.

They were talking to some right-wing “christian” lawyer who’s working the anti-gay legislation circuit, so I expected to hear some stuff that would annoy me, but nothing could have prepared me for what this evil bastard actually said.

He claimed that hate legislation that protects gays infringes on the right of fundamentalist “christians” to preach that being gay is an abomination, and said that right was guaranteed by the First Amendment.

I could take him seriously if he represented people who were willing to take their so-called biblical accuracy all the way, and come out in favor of slavery and women as property.

However, since they’re picking and choosing, all it is, is a deperate attempt to find a loophole for bigotry. At least now they’re up front about it, which only makes it all the more revolting: they feel safe with The Idiot in the White House that they can say evil shit like that and expect no repercussions.

They better hope I’m right and that there’s no Hell, or they’re in for a rude shock come their personal Judgment Days.

If you can stomach it, the full report is on NPR. I advise Mylanta before listening, and vodka after.


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  1. chilayse on

    …morons are morons. They scare me when they get this much power..but they’re still morons. I could counter with..that his arguement infringes upon the rights of gay people to say they love each other that way..which is just as dumb and silly sounding as his arguement. -.- Why must people be so ….

    How was the Hamvention? I plan on taking my stepfather there maybe next year or the year after…he hasn’t been in years…

    • Hamvention, as ever, rocked. There’s a guy there who displays original German ‘Enigma’ machines–the Army 3-wheel version is about $18000. The 4-wheel Navy version is about $38000 — most Navy Enigma machines went down with their respective ships.

      As for why people are like that: it’s easy. The reactionary right has always been about hate and fear. It was about hating and fearing the “commies” during the Cold War, it was–and is–about hating and fearing the Democrats, and it’s about hating and fearing us gays. It’s never about what they’re for, it’s about what they’re against, and wrapping it up in a “methinks the lady doth protest to much” display of love of country.

  2. ataniell93 on

    You’ve probably heard me say this before, but…

    Biblical “literalists” who have never actually done any Torah study irritate the living shit out of me. Because they don’t know what the FUCK they are talking about. The OT is Jewish law, and yet you never hear even the most Orthodox Jews come up with the kind of assmunched idiocy that Dominionist fucktards come up with because they a) know what the Hebrew and Aramaic was intended to mean and b) know how to apply common sense to it.

    • Re: You’ve probably heard me say this before, but…

      The people who are the most psychotic about Biblical law are inevitably the ones who understand it least. For a Christian, the Old Testament should be nothing more than an interesting historical document, and not binding law by any means, since Jesus said ‘I come not to fulfil the law, but to replace it. The whole of the law shall be love God with all thy heart and all thy mind and all thy soul, and love thy neighbor as thyself.’ That’s it. That’s all of it. The Ten Commandments, all of Leviticus, none of it applies to a truly observant Christian. Jesus said so.

      However, there are damned few truly observant Christians. There are, unfortunately, a small but extraordinarily vocal number of bigots and sociopaths who use a fundamentally decent moral message to forward their hate-filled agenda. The problem isn’t Christianity, and really never has been. The problem is and always has been the misinterpretation by infinitely fallible humans of what Christianity is supposed to be. Someone who appeared today and preached, conceptually, the same message as Jesus, would be denounced daily by the Falwells and Robertsons and Phelpses as a dangerous influence on society.

  3. filkertom on

    At least some people — not yet enough, not yet loudly enough — are starting to say, “Hey. Jesus spent a heck of a lot of time talking about helping the sick, feeding the poor, and quit being hypocrites, and none talking about gay marriage and helping big business and illegally invading other countries.” We have a long way to go yet, but at least we’ve got a beginning.

    • Quiet, reasoned statements are unfortunately rare outside of NPR and PBS. Screaming lunatics make headlines. I did take heart that many students and faculty of the Christian college that the Idiot-In-Chief gave a commencement address at last week took him to task for his “un-Christian” policies.

      There’s hope–there’s always hope. I would just like to see a few more signs of it.

  4. nsingman on

    Preaching that being gay is an abomination is still protected by the First Amendment, and I haven’t seen any laws proposed that could possibly be construed as infringing on that, so I’m not sure what that person was actually talking about. I didn’t listen, though; I don’t have sound on my work PC.

    • filkertom on

      Rule 1 of the Religious Reich and the Republican Mandate: They don’t want protection; they want exclusivity. They want freedom to shut you up.

    • surakofb5 on

      They don’t just want to preach. They want to be able to *discriminate* against gay people. They want to be able to refuse to hire you, refuse to serve you, treat you badly when they encounter you, and generally make you miserable because they feel so threatened by the existence of gay people.

    • What they’re claiming is that hate crime laws that protect gays infringe on their “right” to preach that gays are evil, so they shouldn’t even be adopted in the first place–it’s a pre-emptive strike on the legislation, not even a court challenge to existing laws.

      Fortunately, I don’t believe any Klansman has ever had any civil rights legislation invalidated on the grounds that it infringes his right to preach racial bigotry, and this is no different.

      What I find repugnant particularly is that they feel they can even say something that revolting with complete impunity.

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