A slightly more personal meme

Scarfed from normadesmond:

Why am I on your friends list?

Comment and tell me. Then post this in your journal.


9 comments so far

  1. lovehotel on

    You are the nicer of Aza’s exes.

    • As reasons go, I like that one. :)

      • lovehotel on

        I’m sorry I’ve nothing more elaborate to say, – but I also liked your posts back when I was still active on HoIF – am not much on LJ these days, glad I saw this.

        • I’m still lurking about HoIF … got some more stories in the works, and more opinions on JKR (and other things) than you can shake a stick at. :)

  2. 66_pony on

    ’cause I’ve known you for 15 years or so….

    • And you haven’t run away screaming yet. :)

      • 66_pony on

        I was maimed early on. ;)

        • Man, it really has been about that long, hasn’t it? At least 11 years, nearly 12 … I first connected to atm in the summer of 1993.

          • 66_pony on

            Oh, yes! Actually, I thought you were one of those folk already on ATM when I joined in the Fall of ’90, which is why I said 15. But, yeah, nearly 12 (to the Moon) for you.

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