My legs feel like two heavy slow things

Christ, Muirfield Village is a hilly golf course.

Anyway. Anyone who has let me go on for more than five minutes about golf knows I just don’t like Vijay Singh. Sure, he’s a great golfer, but you don’t treat fans the way I saw him treat them last year at the Memorial.

I saw him smiling and laughing on the course today–either someone drugged him or the end times are coming.

Overheard someone ask Davis Love III about the bike they built for him on ‘American Chopper’. Apparently, it rocks. :)

Got some autographs I’ve been wanting for a long time: Bernhard Langer, Ernie Els, Mike Weir, Jim Furyk, and one of my all time favorites, Peter Jacobsen.

Jacobsen is one of the most genuinely funny guys out there on tour, and all he needs to get going is a straight line. His coach was calling to make dinner reservations for them tonight and asked Jake what name to put it under. Without missing a beat, Jacobsen shot back, “Nicklaus.” His coach did, too … I hope to hear what happened tomorrow.

Got great pics of him and many others. I’ll post links, since I know most of you don’t give a rat’s ass for golf. I think I got some stunning shots of Tiger and O’Meara.


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  1. surakofb5 on

    So is this a bad time to give you grief about being out of shape?

    *grin, duck and run*

    • I’d chase you down for that if I wasn’t so out of shape. :)

    • Oh, yeah … I might also add that the TV pictures of Muirfield don’t give any impression of how hilly that course actually is. It’s listed at 7265 yards, but that’s as the crow flies. When you actually have to take all the up and down into account, it’s quite a bit more.

      Gravity *sucks*. :)

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