Often associated with WHAT?

Something of dragonscholar‘s LJ–name meanings, with my own comments in parentheses.


Meaning: God is my judge (knew that)

Name Origin: Hebrew (knew that too … there’s only a friggin’ book of the OT with my name on it)

Number of Syllables: 2.00 (uhm, exactly how many names are there with fractional syllables–and regionalistic pronunciations don’t count!)

Gender: Male (last I checked)

More interesting facts about the name Daniel:

Lucky Number: 9 (ooo, sorry … 8, 17 and 23)

Ruling Planet: Mars (don’t get astrological on me, I’ll rant!)

Element: Fire (quite possibly, unless I’m in a water or air mood)

Primary Color: Gold (bzzt! Blue)

Traits: Very emotional (might give ’em that one). Can be extremely jealous (nah). Active, though rules by the emotions (inactive, thinker). Tied very much to family background (twelve out of ten here). Loyal. Apt to be suspicious of strangers. Impulsive. Tends to be afraid of the unknown (*splorf!* I grew up in a haunted house, f’Pete’s sake!). Often associated with surgery, physical and mental illnesses (*braces himself for the inevitable comments about that last*).


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  1. 66_pony on

    Number of Syllables: 2.00

    Reminds me of Terminator 2, after Ahnold promises not to kill anyone. He sprays the police with a minigun, and then you see his visual display, with a prominent “Casualties: 0.0”

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