When it rains, it pours

So my placement agency called Monday to tell me that I will be a team lead on a 6-week PC rollout starting Wednesday (gotta drive up to Cleveland for the orientation meeting). Pays $25/hour, minimum 40 hour weeks, for the next six weeks. Can I hear a Yay-us!

Not ten minutes later, one of my other agencies calls and says that the job we thought was not going to be available because they were looking at internal candidates … I interview for in just over seven hours. Apparently, they can’t seem to find a NetWare 4.11 admin in house… conveniently enough, I never got the chance to upgrade my 4.1x CNA and never got the chance to monkey with a NW5 or 6 system, so they might grab me because my mind is “unsullied”. 90 days to permanent. Pay: guessing abour $40K-45K. Can I hear a Uhm… so there are two good jobs on deck?

The only thing I can think to do is go ahead with the first assignment and apologize profusely if I get hired by the second. Because I know if I turn down the team lead slot to concentrate on the other one, I won’t get either. So I have to take the sure thing, and play it by ear from there. I can only hope they’ll understand; the company has been pretty good to me, although the work has been spotty and not really regular.


3 comments so far

  1. nsingman on

    Congratulations, Rev! They both sound good. Is there any way you can do the first, and accept the second with a delayed start?

    • The second place is desperate. I saw for myself. Their last admin left a month ago; apparently, the network had been his baby since the mid 1980s, and he left essentially no documentation. Whurf.

  2. soundwave106 on

    Very good news. :)

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