Can I get a “YEEHAW!”

I start work tomorrow! I’ll be working for Unisys at Ashland Oil.

Minimum term: through end of August. Possibility of going permanent. Go me!


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  1. 66_pony on

    I’ll give you a “Yee” until it becomes permanent, anyway!

    Congrats! Work is good (well, money is good, work is marginal).

  2. Oh, it’s a full-bore yeehaw, just because it’s longer than a week and a half. :)

    • 66_pony on

      Then, let me be the first to add a “haw!”.


  3. nsingman on

    How about a big “Woo hoo!!” :-)

  4. bizarra on

    YAY!!! Congrats!! :-)

    • What’s funny is the Netware admin position is still lurking out there … I could end up leaving this job to take that one. :)

  5. ataniell93 on


    You should call me sometime. I’ll call you back.

    • Yaknow, I was just thinking it’s been quite some time since we talked. Believe it or not, I just got the beginnings of a post-Vanguard Geoff and Nicki story going … that bird is just full of surprises.

  6. tchall on

    Yee haw, woo hoo, and congratulations! Next, good luck with the netware administration job.

    • Yeah, I’d hate to walk off a job that I’m already in, but man, that would be such a step up the food chain, it would be worth burning a bridge or two.

  7. surakofb5 on

    Yeehaw!!! Congrats, that’s great news! Back to the ranks of the employed and the doldrums of cubeville. Um, maybe I should shut up now… ;-)

    • I’m not in cubeville. I work in the deployment area… cube denizens are those whom I visit, not those of whom I am one. :)

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