Hey, cashewlou! (part 2)

This will probably make your brain hurt. Pointed out by filkertom. Ow.


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  1. dakota_angie on


    WHy are they using a real dog? WHY?!? A REAL DOG CAN’T SHINE SHOES, DAMMIT!

    *just… cries* >.<

    • Yeah, this looks like it’s going to be an escapee from one of the lower levels of the Abyss… moreso because it’s obviously meant to be a kiddie movie and not actually Underdog as we know him. Underdog was *not* some damn kid’s pet!

  2. 66_pony on

    *shoots self*

    *comes back to life, shoots film makers, re-dies happy*

  3. cashewlou on


    I did not see this.

    *claws his own eyes out*

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