And in regards to the latest Potter book… (NO SPOILERS!)

Just finished reading it. Estimated time: five hours.

So far as my predictions go: I get partial marks. Of course, I won’t say which predictions get what marks.

A little … disappointing, I hate to admit.

High marks for Ginny through most of it, though. She gets some of the best lines. Meanwhile, I no longer consider Trelawney even merely amusing … just annoying.

It reminded me, in a weird way, of the fourth season of Babylon 5, when JMS didn’t know if there would be a Season 5, so he had to rush to get in as much of his story as he could. I think something comparable happened to JKR, where she realized she only had one more book in the series, and had to rush to get a bunch of things in so she could finish “on schedule”. Her ability to bring out details wasn’t as sharp here as in earlier books, possibly scraped off to streamline the storyline.

Now, as an Asimov man, you might expect I’d think that a good development. However, the ability to linger on details without becoming Dickensianly dull is one of the things I like about Rowling, so I was a little disappointed to see them go.

Of course, when a six-hundred-odd-page book keeps you up all night reading it, that says a lot of good things about the writer. But it’s not the best book of the series … at this stage, I’m inclined to consider it the weakest.


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  1. ataniell93 on

    I just don’t like it. Meh. It’s all about the genetic evil.

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