Harry Potter comes to… Kroger’s?

Yeah, well, I have no doubt that it was less insane than trying to get a copy at a B&N or something.

Picked mine up at approximately 12:03am. There were lots of people, but lots of copies to be had, and everything went extremely quickly. Even doing a little grocery shopping, I was still home by, oh, twenty-five to one. One of the Kroger’s workers told me that he’d heard 48,000 copies had been sent to Columbus in total, and 40,000 were reserved for Kroger’s (who have been putting on quite the promotion–not to mention selling it at 60% of list price).

I have not even cracked the cover yet. It’s sitting on the comfy chair under the reading lamp, patiently awaiting dinner and a nice bourbon. I expect that I’ll be up all night reading it, though, and have it polished off in plenty of time to catch the third round coverage of the Open Championship. Tiger’s gettin’ scary again.

Okay, so my predictions, and I swear I haven’t yet peeked into the book or hit any of those sites that had reports from the accidental early release by amazon.co.jp:

  1. Albus assumes room temperature. If early in the book, he does an Obi-Wan by the end. If late in the book, he does it in Book Seven. But I just don’t see the old man making it all the way to the end of the seventh book, and I don’t think he’ll make it to the end of this one.
  2. Draco finds a clue, but it’s an open question as to whether he can hang on to it or figure out what to do with it. It’s too late now to go for all-out character development on Malfoy fils–I hate to say it, but JKR has painted herself into a literary corner with him.
  3. The titular HBP is a character we’ve seen mentioned at most, but is someone we’ve at least seen once–possibly off-camera. I can’t see bringing in a firstie when the crew are all sixth years. If it’s a transfer student from Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, all bets are off. And I bet he’ll be our first sympathetic Slyth–at least to those of us who don’t find Draco to be sympathetic already.

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