So we have ten planets now?

At least that’s what CalTech and NASA say.

Me, I’m of the opinion that we have eight planets and a lot of large, icy debris out past Neptune, of which Pluto, Quaoar and this newcomer are merely the largest (so far). But if we continue to consider Pluto a planet (I don’t, but I appear to be in the minority on that), then we must admit this new one to the family, since it’s at least as large and probably larger than Pluto is.

I, of course, am waiting for two things: I want to know its name (being withheld pending IAU approval), and I can’t wait to see astrologers scamper to figure out what it supposedly “means”. :)

Okay, let’s hear your theories: what should the Junior Member of the Solar System be named, and why?


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  1. nsingman on

    It should be named “Noah,” for obvious reasons. :-)

    Of course, I’m not a Roman god, so let’s give Bacchus his planet at last.

  2. biichan on

    Fred ;)

    Or how ’bout Minerva? It would be nice to have another female planet in there.

    • I could see that… although that’s already the name of a feature on Venus, there’s no reason it couldn’t also be the name of a planet.

  3. bizarra on

    I’ve heard they are unofficially calling it Xena.. but obviously that’s not going to be the actual name. LOL

    • Actually, one of the co-discoverers is calling it “Planet Lila” after his daughter, but even he says that’s not going to be the official name.

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