Discoveries about The Patch, and Mike Nelson

Friday will be three weeks without a cigaret. I have, in defiance of the instructions on the box, moved from the 21mg patches to the 14mg patches two weeks early, and I feel great.

Except for one thing.

Those who have lived with me know I have never slept well. Two nights ago, I got a total of about two hours sleep, mostly in 15-minute bursts. Last night, in desperation, I took the patch off after lying awake for about two hours … and dozed off within fifteen minutes.

So now I know what to do at night.

The cravings are getting more and more infrequent now, and are less powerful. I think I’m about over cigarettes forever. Go me!

Mike Nelson, who has nothing to do with my previous bad habit nor about whom I have any discoveries to report, will be in Columbus tomorrow night at the Shadowbox Cabaret in Easton for a show–he graciously added a second night after the first one sold out quite rapidly.

I got my ticket–any other MSTies gonna be there?


4 comments so far

  1. nsingman on

    I know that is there tonight.

  2. bizarra on

    Congrats on quitting smoking! My dad and Step-mom have quit (Or had when I was home two weeks ago) they both that that ear thing done. Not sure what its called. Zapping the pressure points in the ears with an accupressure laser or whatever it is. LOL Anyway… My dad was like you… smoked like crazy, never planned on quitting. Did this because my step-mother was doing it, so he thought, why not. it wonlt work anyway. And I don’t think he’s had a cigaratte since then.

  3. ataniell93 on

    I’m so glad you quit. It means I can spend more time with you, now that my allergies have got so much worse. Hopefully the rising price of oil won’t make flying prohibitive in October…

  4. soundwave106 on

    Quitting is a good thing. :)

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