Thank you, Mike Nelson…

…for wedging the phrase “So, should we scale back on the mink pee?” into my brain.

Mike rocked the ‘Box, literally and figuratively.

The Shadowbox Cabaret in Easton is a fun little place, with rowdy wait staff that are actually the in-house band and performing company.

Mike looked good, and was in great form, starting off by leading the band in a thrashy-punky version of the Theme Song (and playing a mean Death Tambourine in the process).

Anyway. I left work, startlingly enough, at five. The reason this is a surprise is that since June, I have had perhaps three days total (including today) where I was able to actually leave work at my scheduled time, instead of doing two hours of overtime.

Today was the first day which I could not stay late.

Today was also the first day that anyone ever asked me if I could stay late. Uh, dude? Look at the 50+ hour weekly time sheets you been signing for me all summer. Obviously, I can, but you picked the one night that I cannot.

We have a slight problem with doofuses (doofii?) at work.

So. Mike Nelson.

Mike is a very funny guy, even outside of a satellite. And he looks good in a yellow cape with a pith helmet. What’s disturbing is that he looks comfortable in a blue Classic Trek uniform.

We were also treated to some brief but memorable riffs on “Taxi Driver”, “Midnight Cowboy” and “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Anyhow, I don’t know if this is news, but when I got my complimentary mini-poster signed, I asked Mike if he had any more DVD commentary projects in the offing.

Why, yes, said he, referencing the forthcoming ‘House on Haunted Hill’… and then casually mentioning that he and the rest of the Film Crew (Mike, Kevin and Bill) will be producing four commentary tracks for Rhino DVD.

It basically means the theater voices will be reunited in fresh MSTing–unfortunately, he didn’t mention exactly which features they’ll be tackling.

This was news to me, which means either I’m breaking some news here, or I just don’t pay attention.

Quote of the show: “We got cancelled, even though we had great ratings … and a huge fan base … but–I’m–not–bitter!


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