How best to commemorate this day

Go out and work for the impeachment of that filthy liar who turned a day of national tragedy–and one he damned well had been warned was possible and did nothing to stop–into a political windfall and a war we had no business starting, and the removal from power of the clique of bigots, plutocrats and sociopaths around him.

If he thinks it was okay to politicize that, then there is no reason to pull any punches.

Remind any and all Bushies you might know about his lies and his mistakes and his indifference to the powerless among us.

We can’t blame him for Katrina, but we can and we should blame him for the poor response to it–especially when you compare it to how fast he was to throw billions of dollars at his brother’s electorally-vital state after their hurricane problems. We can blame him for the fact that the National Guard isn’t available to fully help out because they’re being used in a fraudulent war. We can blame him for the lack of money to respond to a crisis like this, since he wasted Clinton’s surplus on a tax cut for people who don’t need it and a war that was entirely unjustifiable.

We must hold him accountable for the evil done in the name of 3000 innocent victims.

And I mean, specifically, evil. Not merely bad decisions. Every politician makes bad decisions, some worse than others, but what The Liar has done is genuinely evil. There is no other word possible to describe his actions post-9/11. Lying repeatedly and deliberately to start a war against a country–however unpopular–that did not attack us is evil. Effecting a net transfer of wealth from those who have little to those who already have much is evil. Allowing the narrow-minded, bigoted views of a few religious extremists to dominate political decision-making is evil.

The only real justice lies in impeaching Bush and Cheney, and packing them–along with Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Rice–off to The Hague for a war crimes trial.

I know that’s what I pray for daily. And I do it in memory of the three thousand innocent victims of four years ago today. Because they deserve a far better memorial than an illegal war, a destroyed underclass, and a theocracy in their names.

And I’ll tell you something else right now: any follow-ups to this that in any way attempt to defend The Liar, will be deleted summarily and the users blocked. If Dubya can require loyalty oaths to attend his rallies, then I can deny him and his followers any room to use my journal to spread his lies.

I don’t fucking care if it’s undemocratic. Thanks to Dubya, we live in an undemocratic age, and as far as I’m concerned any legal means to remove him from power are justified. As far as I know, dissent is still legal–so far.


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  1. filkertom on

    Been here, done this. :) The thought of Dubya, thirty years from now, sobbing in his dank oubliette, wondering what he’d ever done to deserve this, keeps me warm at night.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Hear hear. My greatest desire is that some day, he will actually attain a state of sufficient awareness to understand exactly why historians of that day treat him like a pariah.

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