Yet another person sucked into the black hole that is the LJ Interests meme.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astrophysics:
    Yes, I like to relax with Hawking, Greene, and/or Einstein, or someone who’s trying to explain them. :)
  2. bass playing:
    You know, I never took a lesson on any stringed instrument, but I just knew I could play one, so I asked for a bass for Christmas in 1987, got it, and two months later played a three-song set at Rusty’s Jazz Cafe in Toledo. So I guess I do just have a feel for it.
  3. douglas adams:
    No explanation necessary, I don’t think.
  4. frank zappa:
    My mom turned me on to FZ, and I was fortunate enough to see him in concert twice: Blossom in ’85, and Royal Oak in ’88. Someone explain to me why we have to keep Wacko Jacko and Britney Spears, and we lose Zappa, Zevon, Lennon and Garcia.
  5. harry potter:
    After seeing the first movie cold, I read all the books then out in two weeks, and I haven’t regretted it until this most recent book. I think I’ll stick with the movies from here on out.
  6. jazz:
    My dad got me into jazz: Brubeck, mostly. ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ hooked me up with Guaraldi, and I found Benny Goodman on my own. Mmmmm.
  7. miniature golf:
    See, I study the game. I love golf, and miniature golf. I practice putting–and know it well enough to know that my putting stroke is reminiscent of a pro of the 19-freakin’-30s. And cashewlou doesn’t study golf or practice stances or try to get the perfect grip or anything like that, and he’s gone and shot a 34, two strokes better than my best game.

    Golf is called that because all the other four-letter words were taken.

  8. mystery science theatre 3000:
    Best. TV. Show. Ever.
  9. pdq bach:
    Peter Schickele is insane and brilliant, all at the same time.
  10. really bad movies:
    And I mean really skin-peelingly, soul-eatingly bad movies. Not bad as in Ishtar or Battlefield: Earth, but bad as in Manos and Plan Nine … although as Larry Blamire (of ‘Lost Skeleton of Cadavra’) so correctly put it, “How can anything that entertaining be bad?” So I’m slowly growing my collection of unMSTed versions of the movies from MST3K, and dredging up other ones that should have been MSTed.

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