Oh, and on the job front…

Wow, busy night for posting, innit?

I am no longer a manager. HUZZAH! I can feel the points coming out of my hair!

I am a technician again. I work in the War Room, supporting the corporate PC rollout, which has effectively extended my assignment past this week (which would have been the last) to the first week of November.

However, I am supporting the UK and Germany deployments, so I work a 2.30am-11.30am shift.

Which actually doesn’t suck for me, because I’m very much a night person, although I may look a bit of a zombie at OVFF this year, and spend a lot of time wincing at any bright light–moreso than usual, anyway. They’ve already approved time off for me, in principle anyway. Well, technically, I’m an independent contractor and can just make myself unavailable, but it’s nicer to ask and work with the people who could conceivably give me a job interview.


4 comments so far

  1. dragonscholar on

    Congrats! Sounds like it’s something you’d like!

  2. nsingman on

    Good for you! I’ve never liked being a manager, and have been very happy in the tech dungeon for many years. :-)

    No eating brains at OVFF, though.

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