There IS a god!!!

Professional rat-bastard and all-around hypocrite extraordinaire Tom DeLay has been indicted for criminal conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme. Now, House GOP rules require any member of leadership who is under indictment to step down from their leadership office (but not resign from the House), which means DeLay should have to stand down from being the House Majority leader until the case is settled. Let’s see if they actually apply the rules (these are the same rules they tried to suspend last year to save DeLay’s ass when it first looked like he was going to be indicted), or let the evil weasel keep his job in flagrant defiance of their own “pious” rantings.

Edit: YES! DeLay has (temporarily) stepped down! Above link goes to the news! Let the schadenfreude begin!


2 comments so far

  1. dragonscholar on

    Either way its loose-loose for the corrupt bastard and his cohorts.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      DeLay’s fellow Texans indicted him. Given what they’re used to from their politicians, they wouldn’t indict unless there was enough to send him to the chair.

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