In case you ever run into an Intelligent Design doofus.

Go here. Trust me. Thanks for the link, filkertom!


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  1. chilayse on

    That’s so fun. ^-^

    Can I take this to mean you don’t believe in Intelligent Design?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, you might think there’s evidence for believing that, but there’s no actual proof that I in fact implied that, and it’s entirely possible that an Intelligent Designer assembled the Universe immediately before you posted in just such a way to appear that I might think that. :)

  2. jayteeone on

    I still find it fascinating that the evolutionists refuse to respond to the fact that Darwin was a devout Christian, and the Creationists refuse to acknowledge that fact too. I bet Darwin was just trying to explain the mechanism God used, namely evolution. And to condemn the Christians further, God probably doesn’t really care how you stand on the whole issue.

    I’m an evolutionary creationist so I do have a bias here. But I never judged or condemned anyone for their belief or the lack thereof. Intelligent Design bothers me in that they are claiming scientific reasoning when they aren’t using any.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I’m pretty sure that God looks down every now and then, shakes his head, and just mutters a quiet, “Oy.”

      To me, it’s irrelevant whether Darwin was a Christian, an Atheist, or a devotee of the Church of the Holy Brassy Doorknob. Science and religion are trying to answer two entirely different questions: science studies ‘how’, and religion looks for the ‘why’.

      I’m trying to remember if you were at Wilson when they had a creationism/evolutionism debate at Woo. Interesting time. I’m drawing a blank on the head of the Bio department, he was the ‘evolution’ side, and I have no recollection of the minister’s name. It was in general polite and calm, as I recall, although I found the minister more than a little creepy. He said something afterward that just filled me with pity for him: “It would destroy my faith in God if we found life on another planet.”

      Creationism is about more than just a desire to sneak fundamentalist Christianity back into the schools. It’s about a total, abject terror of facing the world, and the universe, as it really is. It’s a very large place, and once you get the scale of it into your head, it only makes God all that much bigger–and apparently to some, scarier. See, Creationism (I won’t call it Intelligent Design, because that’s just shuffling the deck chairs–same thing, different name) is also all about parochializing God. If God is smaller, then God isn’t as scary.

      And on a less charitable note, I would also suggest that anyone who can’t conceptually move ‘Let there be light’ back to the Big Bang hasn’t got mind enough to say anything about what should be taught in school, since they obviously were never paying attention.

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