More OVFF thoughts, and a meme

You know what I want out of filk–or more to the point, what I want my contribution to filk to be? I want to be the accompanist of choice, the go-to guy when someone needs a backup musician, or someone with access to some weird shit (when necessary–I mean, if you know another thereminist, then you know someone who plays better than I :)).

It’s not a career, but it’s a hell of an avocation. :)

Best band name I’ve heard in a long time, created by victorthecook after the jam session: “Emperor Norton and his Imperial Surf Rangers”.

Thing I have stuck in my head right now: a reggae version of ‘Danny Boy’. What’s this? Bob McMarley? Peter O’Tosh?

And now, the meme.

What Famous Leader Are You?
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  1. bizarra on

    OOh, as reggae version of Danny Boy? Do you have a copy og that, or is that something you have randomly stuck in your head? Cause, that would be cool to hear.

    it beats that Gawdawful country version that Conway Twitty did in the 50’s. (They play it alot on my XM radio 50’s station. It makes me want to wash my ears out with soap)

    We stopped by OVFF briefly.. It was Sat morning and we saw no one about. And Sat Night we had a get together we ended up going to.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The reggae version is something that’s just stuck in my head. And I can’t get it out!

      Not sure how I missed you Saturday, I was up early.

      Don’t’cha just love the hell out of XM? :)

  2. jayteeone on

    As far as band names. I prefer “Industrial Hardware” or “Fashionably Obtuse”

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      For a while, we were thinking about creating a band called “Von Neumann’s Catastrophe”. I like “Turgid Republican Stooges” and “Dr. Crusher’s Diagnostic Thing”, too. :)

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