Birthday presents that really suck, and things chock full of Potter-y goodness!

Huge package shows up on Saturday via FedEx. Now, the only thing I’m expecting is my latest cinematic evil from Sinister Cinema, and it sure wouldn’t be in a box that big, ’cause I only ordered two DVDs.

Mom sent me a new bagless Eureka vacuum cleaner for my birthday. And God help me if I’m not gettin’ to the age to actually appreciate a present like that. :)


On the stray chance that some of you aren’t watching potterpals, there’s this spoileriffic “tribute” to a certain personage that assumed room temperature in book six by PPP creator Neil Cicierega (yeah, it’s a couple months old, but I hadn’t seen it yet). Oh, yeah, and they’re going to start selling Potter Puppet Pals tee shirts again. Yay! And userinfoataniell93 will especially want to see his Hallowe’en costume.


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  1. chilayse on

    I’m much younger than you. If someone sent me a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday I’d be very happy. So you’re getting to an age where you don’t want to walk on foodcrumbs in the carpet and watch it get dingier and dingier……?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, I’m getting to the age where I’m tired of jerry-rigging the latest second-hand Hoover. :)

      Whoa, that’s going on . :)

  2. ataniell93 on

    eee Severus.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I thought you’d like that. Especially for the prop. Even without such a caption, it says “Pwned, bitch.” :)

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