One more reason to remember to FOR CHRISSAKE VOTE.

Because this is a WAR CRIME. And it wouldn’t have been possible without voter apathy and voter stupidity.

Please note: the Fallujah documentary linked from there is extremely graphic. I am unable to watch it except in small snippets; I’ve had to minimize the player and rely on the audio. And if a tenth of it is true, it’s all the proof necessary to throw the smirking chimp out of our White House and into a holding cell in The Hague, awaiting his conviction and sentencing.

Because it means that filthy bastard who stole our White House is guilty of exactly what he accused Saddam Hussein, and there’s collected, documentary evidence–evidence we’re highly unlikely to see here in the States, because the media are by and large nothing more than the worst sort of lick-spittle courtiers. White phosphorus is a chemical weapon. MK77 (a napalm-like incendiary) is a chemical weapon. Which makes this image quite accurate, actually. Ironically (and a point no doubt lost on The Idiot), the US lacks standing to accuse Saddam of war crimes, since we’re not a signatory to the International Criminal Court.

It’s not the fog of war, it was deliberate. Dubya and his clique of bigots and sociopaths are, in the immortal words of “Marvelous” Mark Slackmeyer, Guilty, guilty, guilty!


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  1. avon_deer on

    throw the smirking chimp out of our White House and into a holding cell in The Hague,

    Sadly that might be wishful thinking. As you correctly pointed out, the US does not recognise the powers of the ICC. If he is to be prosecuted at all, it needs to be by impeachment and the US Supreme Court.

    Sadly with so many of his cronies in that court, its unlikely.

    I have not viewed this video myself, but I have heard that its damning. My father said to me, when the rather Orwellian sounding “co-allition of the willing” first marched into Iraq; “The US and the UK will rue this day”.

    What with the increased levels of fundamentalism in mosques, and the devistation of 7/7, I fear this prophecy may well realise itself.

    This is just the beginning.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I watched (or listened to, when my stomach failed me and I had to avert my eyes) the video last night.

      Damning doesn’t even approach. As if I didn’t hate The Idiot enough already. The only house he belongs in is the Big House, not the White House.

      As a matter of minor correction: the Supreme Court has nothing to do with impeachment. Articles of impeachment are voted on strictly by the House, and then he is tried on those articles in the Senate, with only the Chief Justice presiding, and he has no direct role in the determination of guilt or innocence. If 67 of 100 Senators say he’s guilty, he’s guilty, and he could have named all nine members of the Supreme Court and it would avail him nought.

      • avon_deer on

        Do you think its possible the house would vote for an impeachment hearing based on that video?

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          Not unless they thought their re-election was endangered if they didn’t. About the only Republicans returned to the House in 1974 were those who came out in favor of impeachment–even though Nixon’s resignation circumvented the whole process.

          However, more and more Republicans–at least those in marginal seats–are realizing that The Shithead is a danger to their otherwise fairly cushy careers in Congress. Who knows? It really wouldn’t take too many seats turned over next year to revert control back to the Democrats, and they will investigate.

          Until they have the fear of the electorate put into them, though… no. They’re going to keep covering Dubya’s pasty white ass.

  2. nuveeena on

    thanks for the link

    Frogmarching is too kind for this lot.

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