The Year In Review

As swiped from ataniell93, the first sentence (or sentence fragment) of the first post of each month.

January: Happy effin’ new year!

February: ( I’ve never done some of the following. )

March: About an hour ago, userinfocashewlou pulled his U-Haul away from the curb and headed south for Texas.

April: Inspired by a friend of mine off-lj who was summarizing the things she needs to know by now to successfully survive driving in her town.

May: Some of you may recall a previous journal entry where I talked about the Feeping Creatures at the Anheuser-Busch brewery here in Columbus–the little pallet-loading robots that make little ‘feep’ noises while they move.

June: …would be a great story to tell, if I actually had. :)

July: Yeah, well, I have no doubt that it was less insane than trying to get a copy at a B&N or something.

August: Not to be watched if you support the Idiot-In-Chief. And probably not work-safe, either. But right on the money.

September: …for wedging the phrase “So, should we scale back on the mink pee?” into my brain.

October: From filkertom, who had it from dandelion_diva, kshandra, leianora, and ataniell93, and I bet/hope many others:

November: That quote in the subject was actually said by Jon Lovitz on the Letterman show, shortly after ‘The Critic’ was cancelled, and it applies to what happened to me today, too.

December: …is worth going to just for the writeup on Lucius Malfoy (coming in at 15th).


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