A-Z meme, courtesy skjam

Accent – Depends. Positively robotic when reading off a number on the phone. Northwest Ohioan otherwise, although Central Ohio is flattening out some of the sharpness of my long Es and roundness of my Rs. In any case, I quickly pick up some of the accent around me. And I think I’m the only person who pronounces the city as DEE-troit instead of duh-TROIT. I have no idea where that came from.

Breakfast Item – Coffee.

Chore you hate – The litterbox.

Dad’s name – James.

Essential everyday item – Computer.

Flavor of ice cream – Graeter’s Coconut Chip.

Gold or Silver – Silver.

Hometown – Rossford, Ohio.

Insomnia – More and more frequently these days.

Job Title – Unemployment recipient.

Kids – One, no longer with us.

Living arrangements – Roommate, his dog, my cats.

Mom’s birthplace – Toledo, Ohio

Number of Significant Others You’ve Had – Two.

Overnight hospital stays – Gall bladder, emergency appendectomy.

Phobia – Bees and spiders are pretty bad.

Queer – Damn skippy.

Religious Affiliation – Atheist.

Siblings – Dave and Jenni, both younger.

Time you wake up – Depends on whether I have a job or not.

Unnatural hair colors – None, although I’d rather the grey I’m gettin’ be the brown it used to be.

Vegetable you refuse to eat – None I can think of. Potato salad is pretty icky, tho.

Worst Habit – Putting things off until… wow, look at that next question!

X-Rays – Teeth, chest, probably more that I can’t recall off the top of my head.

Yummy – Aunt Valeria’s pierogi, or at least as close as we’ve been able to duplicate it.

Zodiac sign – Perfectly irrelevant. 10 November, you can look it up yourself.

Coincidentally, I’m listening to XM Radio’s Deep Tracks play their 5002 Essential Rock Songs… and they’re doing it in alphabetical order. :)


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