Sex and death

Nothing much to report. Been having the stray low-grade panic attacks off and on the last couple days, but that’s normal in the run-up to an interview and a job–one-day slot doing PC upgrades at a local SocSec office on Tuesday, then an interview for a 12 month-or-permanent slot the next day.

Had a long talk with my sister over the weekend about my mom, with whom I am having An Issue. Apparently Mom now kinda wishes she hadn’t done quite so well raising three very independently-minded kids–especially on matters of theology and sexuality. And Mom hasn’t yet figured out that while she can disapprove as much as she likes, she does not get to decide matters anymore.

I don’t know how my brother avoided getting lectured (or maybe he did, I dunno) over his reply to Mom’s suggestion that we all go to church with her on Christmas morning: “Church… that’s that building with the big ‘t’ in front, right?” :) My sister says she’d go to church more often if Mom wouldn’t nag her about it. Me, I won’t go except for weddings and funerals.

Which reminds me, I probably ought to leave final instructions with someone. Not that I plan on going anywhere before the next sixty years or so, but in case the universe has other plans for me. I need to make it absolutely clear that there will be no pious mumblings said over my residue–those who want to remember me should instead get together and have a party, then get in a boat and dump my dust in Lake Erie. If any of y’all are left by the time I shuffle off, and if you’re still able to party by then, that is. Me, I wanna be a centenarian, or more–or as I’ve often said, I’m immortal until proven otherwise. ;)


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  1. jayteeone on

    After they die it’s too late praying isn’t for them it’s for those left behind. And if I pray for you in the mean time, don’t take it as either an assault on you spiritually or insult to your obvious athiest leanings. You’re my friend, and this is America and I can pray for you if I want. Regardless, good to see you back, are you the DS in the phone book of your fine city? And is the phone still connected if I choose to grace you with a call?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oh, I don’t object to individuals praying over what’s left of me–there’s nothing I can do about that, and well-meaning friends have been praying for my “salvation” for years. I’ve told ’em go right ahead–if I’m right, it doesn’t make any difference, and if I’m wrong, then obviously I can use the help.

      What I object to is there being any sort of organized, “official” religious service in my memory. In the first place, no one religion can speak for the beliefs of all my friends (atheists, agnostics, Jews, Catholics, born-agains, Unitarians, Taoists, Pagans of varying stripes…) And in the second place, I have never been about talking about religion. It’s always seemed to me far better to do rather than to talk.

      So when my time comes, those that are still here and still mobile enough, get together, have a few drinks, play some Grateful Dead, and talk smack about me. I want my friends to say farewell to me with a chuckle.

  2. dragonscholar on

    I’ve got some vague palns set up too, but yeah I need to draw up specific plans too.

    For me, I’m pretty much planning on cremation and wild party. I’m debating on disposal of the remains. I’m kinda partial to being used as fertilizer.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Of course, the amount of wild partying will depend on how old and decrepit the bereaved are by then. So I think I’ll make sure as I get older, I continue to make friends with twentysomethings, just to make sure the wake is jumpin’. ;)

      Shit. Does it mean you’re officially middle-aged when you start taking things like post-mortem planning seriously?

  3. eviljen on

    My goal is to live to be 124 so I can see 2100.

    I’ve been planning my own funeral for years, it just means you’re morbid. :)

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I’ll settle for living to 113, so I can see the Tricentennial. Making it all the way to 137 so I can see the 22nd century might be pushing it a bit, but if the opportunity is there, I’ll take it. :)

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