Well, that went about as well as could be expected.

The SSA office was surprisingly loose and fun for being a Federal agency and all. Forty-one machines that had to be swapped out, the new ones ghosted, and the old ones given a three-pass DoD wipe.

Which gave me a moment to show off. Seems the application we had which created a boot floppy to wipe the drives wasn’t working (despite several hours of trying, we only got three disks that actually worked, and they took two to four times as long as advertised), so I went online and found an ISO of Boot And Nuke, which let us boot from CD and paste the drives in very short order–at one point, I had 18 machines set up all simultaneously blowing their own brains out, which is kinda weird to watch. Eleven hour day, with two of us designated as ‘team lead’ somehow. The other “lead” spent most of his time standing around trying to look important. I spent mine swapping boxes and solving problems, and unlike Other Guy, didn’t vanish spot on five–for that matter, he was late anyway. So I was there 8a-7p, he was there 8.30ish to 5ish. Wonder which of us gets the better report from the field contact–and which one of us gets sent out on more of the SocSec jobs, as actual team lead. :)

Today, I interview at Masterfoods (KalKan division… I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere, but it’s too early and I’ve had insufficient coffee to think of what it might be) for a 12-month contract. Wish me luck. (awaits the inevitable ‘Airplane!’ riff…)


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  1. ataniell93 on

    Good luck! Nobody called me. That may be because I’m hard to get on the phone.

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