Just in case you thought the Idiot-In-Chief was slipping on the evil front…

When the US backs an Iranian initiative in the UN to bar GLBT observer groups, it’s safe to say this is not the country the Founders envisioned.

The single most horrific thing I can wish on The Shithead is a sudden incandescent burst of clarity, where he sees without distortion just what a fucking bastard he is.


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  1. jayteeone on

    I firmly believe on Judgement Day, that’s what happens to all of us. We get to see clearly how shitty we really were in life. Thing is, I think the Bushtard, would just blow it off. The worst thing that he’s done besides banmkrupting our economy is that he has sent more people into poverty than ever before, and has the gaul to try and take away their support. He’s a selfish, greedy bastard, who should be tried for treason against the American people and the constitution, and then hung on a gallows in front of the White House for all to see what should really happen to such a traitorous bastard. The rest of his cabinet should be sent to the Hague to stand trail for war crimes committed against the Iraqi people.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I don’t want him to have his moment of clarity in the afterlife, I want him to have it in this life, so he has to live with knowing what he is and what he’s done. And then I want him shipped off to The Hague with the rest of the war criminals around him (those that manage to escape Federal indictments here, anyway), and jailed for the rest of his natural life.

      And since he thinks it’s such a great idea, Darth Cheney can serve his time in Abu Ghraib.

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