Wow, latent memories are scary…

So, I was talking about the new 10th planet out past Pluto on another livejournal thread (mighta been Sailor Mac’s) and suggested that should the IAU make the incorrect decision and decide that both Pluto and this new one are planets instead of honking large Trans-Neptunian Objects, it should be named Persephone.

I’m listening to an MP3 of Douglas Adams reading ‘Mostly Harmless’, in which a tenth planet past Pluto is discovered… and named Persephone. I about plotzed, because this little detail from Mostly Harmless was utterly and entirely forgotten by me.

I’d like to believe this means I think like Douglas Adams. :)


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  1. jayteeone on

    Dude what about the planet we can’t see: antiearth/urearth. The planet that has the same revolution around the sun as we do exactly opposite us on the other side?

  2. ataniell93 on

    Sadly, I am also quite certain that you heard it from me, because I remember discussing this with you–there was a consensus among astrologers that it ought to be called that :D

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Are you sure it was with me? You know how discussions about astrology with me end, unless I get sidetracked into deep mathematics. :)

      No, I surely don’t have any recollection of discussing this with you, sorry.

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