My theory on Darth Cheney’s “incident” this weekend.

Guy online suggested that this was something that both liberals and conservatives could get behind–removing one more lawyer from the world.

I countered that apparently given a simple task like shooting an almost-eighty-year-old lawyer with a shotgun, Darth Cheney did it the Dubya way: half-assed and incomplete.


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  1. pantherwill on

    Well, if any more members of the Texas Funeral Service Commission decide to go rogue and attack America, we know Cheney’s got our back.

  2. jayteeone on

    Article says that Cheney didn’t see the guy despite his wearing orange. The VP is blind? I knew he was blind to true justice and welfare for all Americans, but that millionare lawyer must not have had enough money for Cheney’s liking.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oh, there’s more. They were hunting from their cars. What, Halliburton couldn’t pop for a Rascal scooter? Sheesh. I’m not a big fan of hunting, and a using a shotgun on quail sounds like a recipe for a fine red mist to me, but how lazy is this guy?

      • pantherwill on

        Not just hunting quail from their cars. Hunting pen-raised quail from their cars. I wouldn’t call this hunting, merely because hunting requires actual work, while this is cruelty for the sake of dick-waving bravado.

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