So, several states are considering making funeral protests difficult, illegal, or requiring space between protestors and mourners because Phelps and company have been protesting at funerals of Iraq War soldiers (because they’re “defending a land that harbors homosexuals”… yeesh).

Although a little peeved that apparently nobody thought that the gay community deserved the same protection back when the Westboro Bigots started up, anything that impedes Phelps is a good thing. And I’d suggest adding a clause to the bill that limits the fine for a mourner beating the living fuck out of one of the protestors to a dollar, no jail time, no criminal record.


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  1. avon_deer on

    Surely there are more appropriate places to lodge a protest on any issue, than someone’s funeral.

    These people obviously have a stone where the heart is supposed to be. To think that this sort of thing requires legislation is very sad.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Westboro has made a name for themselves protesting at funerals of AIDS victims with ‘God Hates Fags’ signs. I mean, these people are sick. There’s a fine balance between free speech and hate speech that we’re still trying to figure out over here. If you can stomach it, google ‘Fred Phelps’ and ‘Westboro Baptist’. This guy’s a real piece of work.

      • avon_deer on

        I will have a look at the website.

        Has this guy figured out that more straight people are now dying as a result of HIV than gay? And that its also possible to get the virus through dodgy blood products? Or he is too thick?

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          He’s just pure, concentrated evil. Even Dubya looks almost human in comparison.

        • soundwave106 on

          Fred Phelps and his band of inbred idiots are just both attention-starved and sick. AIDS I don’t think has much to do with anything. Fred Phelps’s group picketed the funeral of Mister Rogers, for crissake.

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