Ups ‘n’ Downs

Been deeply and profoundly… well, sad the last couple weeks. Not really depressed, just… sad. Weird. Been self-medicating with MST3K and Cosmos DVDs, and occasional marathon sessions of Destroy All Humans!, which is just too bloody much fun. Part of it is that my roommate’s been in Sweden the last week and a half, and it’s just been too damn quiet around here. Picked him up at the airport, so things won’t be quite so quiet. So, no angsting. Besides, I don’t angst well.

Therefore, on the plus side: Famous People in Lego #17: Dick Cheney. Also in Lego, Katamari Damacy, among other things. And especially for cashewlou, the centennial of the invention of animated film is coming up.

On the plus side on a more personal level, I stopped at the VoA on Indianola last week and bought a Dell A920 USB printer/scanner/copier for $595, and it works perfectly. Yay me.

And I got four Thomas Burnett Swann novels in the mail Friday from a Buy It Now on eBay. Eight-fifty after shipping. Seen his name in ataniell93‘s sig on another site, and thought it worth pursuing. It was… read three of the four already. I like his way with a phrase, but I can’t say I like all his plotting decisions.

Edit: Egad. It’s amazing what one bad piece of code will do to a number… fixed the price of the printer/scanner. No, I did not pay five hundred and ninety-five dollars for a printer! I paid five hundred and ninety-five cents. :)


5 comments so far

  1. ataniell93 on

    If you decide you don’t want to keep any of them let me know :D

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I think they’re keepers, so far. I got Tournament of Thorns, Cry Silver Bells, The Gods Abide (the three I’ve finished) and Green Phoenix (just started). I like Tournament of Thorns best so far. They’re all very well written, but I find the plotwork a little shaky. I was really disappointed with the end of Cry Silver Bells. I get the feeling that he loved sudden plot twists, but didn’t know how to provide proper foreshadowing so that they didn’t give you whiplash.

      • ataniell93 on

        Yep. This was one of the people I learned to do that from, and had to unlearn the whiplash part.

  2. surakofb5 on

    It must be in the air. I’ve been down the last week or so, too. Maybe it’s just the mid-winter blahs.

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