Well, well, well.

Why did Scooter Libby leak sensitive intelligence? The Idiot told him to.

Local NBC station WCMH-4 didn’t have a problem running Swiftboat Liars for Bush ads, but they won’t run a MoveOn ad critical of local Rep. Deborah Pryce.

Oh, and guess who was a stockholder in voting-machine manufacturer Diebold? Ken Blackwell.

Buncha goddamn crooks and criminals. Nothing less than a complete housecleaning will do anymore.

EDIT: Oh, silly me. How could I forget the 55-year old Homeland Security deputy press secretary busted for trying to pick up a 14 year old girl online?


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  1. tharain on

    He “accidentally” invested in Diebold? How does one “Accidentally” invest?

    And yeah, that “We can’t be political and poist anti-right” things…pisses me off. Increasingly.

    • chilayse on

      What he means….is he accidentally got caught looking shady.

      >.> Someone once asked me if everyone in the US hates bush why we re-elected him….I said “Assuming it wasn’t rigged…which it very well may have been….The other guy wasn’t any better!”

      • tharain on

        OH! Oh, oh, oh. This is like televangelists being repentant after they’re caught in the back of their limos, boozing it up with hookers, right?

        I get it.

        Oh, the election wasn’t rigged. By Diebold. NEVER.

        • chilayse on


          They…accidentally were with those hookers. ^-^

          No. No one would ever rig an election!

    • I haven’t heard back from Channel 4 yet. I sent the following email to their mouthpiece, who was quoted as saying the station was afraid of being held liable for the claims made in the ad:

      To: jean.nemeti@nbc.com

      Subject: WCMH's decision on the MoveOn ads

      Disgraceful. WCMH's right to the public airwaves is based upon serving the public good, not the needs of local politicians.

      Where were you when the Swiftboat group sold ads on your station? You didn't object then, and those ads were demonstrably false.

      None of the other stations here have found any problems with them. This decision clearly has more to do with bias than it does any legal
      hairsplitting--you're only claiming possible legal problems as a rather weak fig leaf to cover a blatantly political decision.

      I hope you at least have the decency to feel ashamed for the disservice you're doing our city.

      Daniel J Sikorski

    • Re: How about this one?

      Wow. Just when I think I’ve cured my gag reflex… what a revolting piece of work that is.

  2. the_dark_snack on

    On the news this morning they played clips or Bush saying that he would fire whomever was behind the leak. Now we all find out it was him and Cheney. Jon Stewart’s job is just too easy these days isn’t it?

    • Like he said the Monday after Darth Cheney shot that guy–“Sometimes this job is so easy, you almost want to return your check.” :)

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