Why I am a good uncle.

Despite shouts of rebellion from my Ravenclaw soul, I am knitting my elder niece a Gryffindor scarf. *sigh* She’ll learn, some day. Meanwhile, my roommate’s son took his first online Sorting Hat test last weekend, swearing beforehand that he was quite definitely a Ravenclaw.

He’s snakey.


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  1. surakofb5 on

    I didn’t know you knit. Or did you tell me at the going away party at Steve and Michele’s, when Lisa and I were sitting there knitting?

    So how do you keep the edges of your scarves from curling up? It’s driving me crazy.

    • I thought I mentioned then–I taught myself so I could have a Dr Who scarf of my very own. Heh. We could form one seriously weird sewing circle. :)

      So far, the only way I know to prevent curling is to garterstitch the whole thing. My stockingstitch projects curl, too.

      • surakofb5 on

        Oh yeah, you did mention that.

        Well, I did find a local Stitch’n’Bitch group with a yahoo group, chicksnsticks. Unfortunately, they meet the 2nd Thursday, which conflicts with taekwondo. But they do meet in Grandview, which is close.

        Keep in mind that I picked up the alien illusion pattern at Millennicon, and it’s a pattern from the Stitch’n’Bitch book. We’re everywhere!

        • Grandview is *real* close, yeah. Especially to me. However, I’m not a chick, last I looked… :)

          • surakofb5 on

            I was going to make a joke about effeminate gay men, but you don’t even come close. In fact, I can’t think of a single gay stereotype that you *do* fit. Whether that’s good or bad, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

            On the other hand, they probably called it chicksnsticks just because there *aren’t* very many guys who knit.

            So when can I see your regulation Dr. Who scarf? :)

            • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

              I was sure I’d brought it to Steve and Michele’s at least once… we really need an alternate place and time for the Friday Night Thing. Mayhap I can get a digital picture with it and post it.

              I’ve started on a Season 18 scarf, too (my current one is Season 15 style). I need serious therapy… :)

            • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

              And there is *one* gay stereotype I fit: I like men. ;)

  2. surakofb5 on

    After I finish this scarf, I plan to make an alien illusion scarf. I think that should be your next project. I’ll loan you the pattern. :)

  3. qthewetsprocket on

    aw, poor ik. if it’ll make you feel any better, i’ll let you knit me a ravenclaw one. ;) *is annoyed they don’t make mensa cards that come with the ravenclaw crest/colors*

    btw, i did the dr who scarf thingie too (in all-cotton yarn, no less) – the colors are *perfect*, it’s not too long to be annoying…and it curls up like a bitch whenever i want to wear it. grr. *goes off to learn what a garter stitch is*

    • That’s when you knit both sides, rather than alternate knit and purl (that’s stockingstitch). It’s nice, springy, holds lots of air (which is insulative, of course) and fast to do, too.

      I guess I need to post a picture of me with my 4th Doctor scarf…

      The problem with Ravenclaw is that their colors are blue and bronze, and I live a few blocks south of Ohio State. Any forms of blue and yellow are not healthy around here. :)

      • qthewetsprocket on

        That’s when you knit both sides, rather than alternate knit and purl (that’s stockingstitch). It’s nice, springy, holds lots of air (which is insulative, of course) and fast to do, too.

        ah. yeah, i thought about how to do it before i started, and thought it would be comfier without the ribbing. guess i chose unwisely. so, you just use a knit stitch all the way through? (i suppose you could do a purl stitch all through and that’d work too – although the point is probably moot because i’m too lazy to knit it all over again).

        btw, i thought ravenclaw was blue and silver? ah well. i know what you mean about the college thing. i was only in lawrence one time in my life – during a football game weekend – and if i EVER see another fecking jayhawk i’m gonna hurt somebody.

        • It’s blue and silver in the movies, but blue and bronze in the books… or the other way ’round. I forget which.

          The owners of the Columbus Blue Jackets NHL team made that goof when they announced the team logo and design–it was blue and gold. They went back and added red and white–officially, the Jackets have *four* colors, not two.

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