So I get a call out of the blue from a Chase guy who saw my résumé on Monster. They want a generalist. They’re paying mid $30s. They’re doing direct hire, not temp-to-perm. The job starts with four weeks of vacation a year, full benefits.

He damn near flat offered me the job without an interview.

Now, I’ve gotten badly burned several times lately on what I thought were good interviews… but wow. Fingers seriously crossed.


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  1. jungle_goddess on

    Here are some extra crossed fingers for you. Good luck!! XXXXX

  2. dragonscholar on

    Well you can guess my opinion – examine, but keep cautious. My take is that they’ve overfired/underhired. So if you make it in, be on your best, and keep networking within.

  3. tchall on

    Keeping my fingers crossed as well. Good luck, and do keep your eyes open about this job.

  4. jayteeone on

    My fingers are crossed with a prayer on my lips, since I’m the only Xtian you’ll let pray for you. Also advice from Ronnie, “trust, but verify”.

  5. cirruskitfox on

    Daaaaaaaang…. that’s quite an offer. Interview can’t hurt if you go in with your hopes set low enough ;)

  6. ataniell93 on


  7. The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

    Heh, yeah, basically my plan is to just try to blow minds at the interview (just scheduled it, 9am Friday). The guy I talked to this morning said this is a position they need filled two months ago, I told him I can start Monday if they want to give me a shot.

    Anyway, for my own sanity, I’m making no assumptions–actually, I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not going to get it (without killing my enthusiasm at and for the interview), because I can’t take one more kick in the balls like I got last year. But it sounds like the only thing they need to verify for themselves is that I have a pulse and at least three functioning braincells.

    I’m more amused by the fact that even when Bank One doesn’t technically exist anymore, I keep getting sucked back in. Apparently my B1 background is something else they liked seeing.

    Details when they happen.

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