o/` The wai-aiting is the hardest part o/`

I think I have my head in a healthy place. I’ve set my expectations low for the job, despite what signs I have that it looks good, because I can’t take another disappointment like the Job That Wasn’t episode last November. What’s killing me is having to wait until Friday morning for the interview.

I think I want a mint julep (not necesarily the exact one in the link).

Anyway. Worthington SSA done today. Batavia on Friday afternoon. If all goes well, that will be the last I need to drive around to drop computers on Social Security desks.


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  1. the_dark_snack on

    Have you actually ever had a mint julep? They do not taste nearly as appealing as they sound like they would.

    As for the work situation, keep hanging in there and thinking positive thoughts. It took me over 3 years to finally land a real job but I finally did it (and at about the last place I would have expected it to be too).

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oh, yes. I make them myself, and it’s probably my favorite cocktail (I finally had to put the dry martini out of my life). The trick is in muddling the mint leaves into the water and powdered sugar first.

      Right now, I’m more interested in maintaining an even keel than I am in being optimistic. Every time over the last five years that I thought I was finally going back to work permanently, it didn’t happen. So I’m just not going to expect anything other than committing myself to the interview tomorrow. That way, I’m not going to run into a huge disappointment if it doesn’t happen (again).

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