Back from the interview, and a surprise in the mailbox.

Went pretty well, I think. The guys I interviewed with didn’t sound quite as desperate to fill this position as the guy I first talked to. They have two slots to fill, don’t have a specific timeframe in which to fill them, and seemed really nice. I got asked about the old ‘zine (I reference writing and editing Vanguard Dossier) because there’s another ‘zine writer already in the department, and asked about the theremin (also listed under my interests). Which I take as a good sign, because if the interview hadn’t gone well, I can’t see them asking about ephemera.

Anyway, I just checked the mail, and I’ve been subpœnaed to appear as a witness next Wednesday. I thought it was about the guy who drove into our porch end of January. Turns out I may have been subpœnaed in error–this case is something about a woman driving with an expired license or some damn thing.

Ah, bureaucracy.

Driving to Batavia (a little east of Cincinnati) in about half an hour or so. Yay.


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  1. pantherwill on

    Don’t forget to decontaminate yourself before you get home. :)

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