An odd fannish question…

So I poke my head into a thread on Fanthropology about things least likely to have a fandom and fanfic (apparently, there’s Minesweeper fic… don’t ask).

And it left me wondering.

Is a MSTing fanfic, or what? Because by and large, they’re not about exploring the characters, filling holes in canon, or even just shagging each other paralytic. A MSTing isn’t about the characters, it’s about getting to do what the characters do ourselves.

Oh, and sorta apropos of that, I was doing a vanity search on my nomme de Net “Sherwood Forrester” and discovered that I was briefly randomly a blog-of-the-moment on Google Finance. Apparently, I am also a train and a toy soldier.


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  1. dragonscholar on

    Actually that’s a good question. Post if you want, it’s a good top-level post.

    And I’d say it IS fanficcing, actually. Many mstings involve their own plots, etc. Its just around the mocking.

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