Silly me.

I never mentioned the fun stuff of the weekend.

I was scheduled to do Batavia–a few miles east of the Cincinnati outerbelt–at 4pm Friday afternoon. I head out around 1.30, giving myself plenty of time to get there.

Two and a quarter hours later, I wheel into the parking lot at the Batavia Social Security office, check in with the security guard, head back to the work area… and am then advised that the SocSec people decided to set all the machines up themselves the night before. The only thing they have that we can do is figure out why four of their machines didn’t image properly. Which took maybe half an hour.

Several phone calls to the main TCML office ensued. We get paid a minimum four hours just for walking in the door, and they verified that that will happen.

So we get cut loose a lot earlier than expected, which I’m happy with, since it means I’ll be home in time for Doctor Who.

I walk around my car and notice something funny.

The rear license plate is gone. Gone gone. I have no idea whether someone wandered away with it or it fell off on the drive down. It’s just not there now. And I have a 2¼ hour drive home, and I have to do it with no license plate.

That stretch of road between Columbus and Cincinnati is primarily state trooper territory, not local police and sheriffim (hey, one seraph, several seraphim, I think the pluralization works here too).

Well, I made it home without incident, called the police to report it missing, and all in all failed to get to a license bureau until this morning. I have new plates on there now, yay me.

The good news is that I expected to get whacked by the BMV for new plates. Nope. Total cost was $625.


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