Because I haven’t for a while.

Let’s have a little roundup of what’s up on Digg.

Here’s an interesting question: if you’re an observant Muslim in space, which way is Mecca?

One more reason to love AMD chips–they’re optimizing them for Linux.

Speaking of Linux, just how small can a Linux box be?

I suppose they can’t really call it a physical constant anymore.

Can your home be complete without these? Probably. :)

Astronauts can’t burp in space… and 99 other fun science facts. Number 40 is either disturbing or enviable, or both. Numbers 67 and 68 are wild to just contemplate.

So, how Macchiavellian are you? (me: 68%)

Wanna build your own tornado machine? Not big enough to actually suck up the cat, of course…


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  1. ataniell93 on

    The amusing thing isn’t that I’m more Machiavellian than you. The amusing thing is that it’s just by 2%.

  2. cashewlou on

    TONS more of those science facts at, btw.

    And I think if humans were pigs:

    a) foreplay as a concept would be DEAD.
    b) heart attacks would kill 99.7% of adult males.
    c) the human population would drop by 99.7%.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      You mean if humans were biologically pigs. Otherwise, I’m forced to mentally face the prospect of Rush Limbaugh’s O-face for half an hour.

      There, that oughta put you off your feed for a week. :)

  3. cirruskitfox on

    You see… now I MUST make a movie about tornadoes just so I can have an excuse to build that machine. :D

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      And it will look better and more believable than Devil Winds, even if you shoot it on 15fps video at 240×180, project it frame by frame on a large white tablet, trace it left-handed, and re-shoot it as a cartoon. :)

  4. billfl on

    Weel, geez, what’s the point of even having a tornado machine if it won’t suck up the cat?!?

  5. jayteeone on

    Turns out I’m only 37% Machiavellian. Ohh and to answer the Mecca question, the qnswer is face down toward the earth.

  6. jayteeone on

    Ohh and I built a Tornado machine for science class eons ago.

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