Thinkin’ about Who

As in The Doctor, of course. Actually, thinkin’ about the Companions (Compania? Whatever.)

I like Rose a lot as a companion, and from what I’ve heard, I’m looking forward to seeing Captain Jack. Rose is up there in the same zone as Ace–she’s not an automated scream generator. *shudder* I so very much wanted a Dalek to let Mel have it… except she’d’ve screamed the whole time and I don’t know that that would’ve been worth it. Kinda like Holly on “Land of the Lost”–a walking advertisement for supporting the Sleestak cause.

Anyway. I liked Grace a lot too, from the McGann TV movie. First Romana, who wasn’t as deferential to The Doctor as Second Romana was. K-9, of course. And it’s hard not to like the long-suffering Brigadier, who just once wanted to meet an alien menace that wasn’t immune to standard munitions. I liked Jo, because she was exactly as The Brig described her: “No, Doctor, you want someone to pass you your test tubes and remind you how brilliant you are,” and yet she managed much more than just that.

Speaking of “classic” companions (and an actor best known in the US for a wholly different series, too), if you don’t want a spoiler for who’s appearing in this week’s episode (the new one in the UK, not the SciFi one showing in the US), don’t click here. I can’t wait until it makes it over to this side of the Atlantic, m’self. :)


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  1. ataniell93 on

    I so very much wanted a Dalek to let Mel have it… except she’d’ve screamed the whole time and I don’t know that that would’ve been worth it.

    That’s how I felt about the Dumbledore death scene. I couldn’t enjoy it because he wouldn’t fucking shut up and die.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      That’s a Rule, though–cannon-fodder dies from a near-miss (or several go at one shot) and main characters can have their chests turned inside out and will still live long enough to ramble on as long as they need to. :)

    • qthewetsprocket on

      and how. i wish they could have killed him slowly and painfully whilst iterating in exacting and excruciating detail just what an unbelievably collossal failure he was re: harry’s protection and upbringing.

      • ataniell93 on

        Well, yes.

        And his complete failure in educating and assisting Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape and Tom Riddle, not one of whom would have been doing what they were doing if someone had maybe noticed that there was a problem before there were any attempted murders.

        That whole, “people have choices” argument completely falls apart when you take into consideration the fact that this guy was legally responsible for all these people when they were clearly very young and very troubled, and chose to give them only the help they humbled themselves to ask for. Because troubled, lonely children from orphanages, dysfunctional families and households steeped in bigotry ALWAYS KNOW exactly what kind of help they need.

        It may be that nothing he could have done would have changed things, but I doubt it, and since he did not try, there is no way of knowing.

        • qthewetsprocket on

          well, i blame him less for riddle, snape and malfoy – he’s a helluva busy man, and there’s really nothing he could’ve done (or really had the right to do) about those kids’ formative years with their respective families before they got to hogwarts.

          harry, otoh…well, i think the whole ‘i-asked-you-to-care-for-him-and-you-didn’t’ lecture in hbp was supposed to justify dumbledore’s failure, but all it did imo was make him look incredibly naive (which the book’s ending bore out).

          i guess you could also look at dumbledore as a sort of ‘god of free will’ figure; ie he encourages people to be good but doesn’t force them. either way, though, the result’s still the same – he let harry down BIG time.

  2. the_dark_snack on

    Have you seen “Little Britain” by any chance? The last episode of the second season was priceless. I’d give just about anything to have that little scooting move as an icon.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I’ve only heard of it, never seen it.

      • the_dark_snack on

        OMG! I guess I need to try and record some episodes of that for you as well.

    • qthewetsprocket on

      mmm – may i steal that icon please? ;9

      • the_dark_snack on

        Sure, I stole it from someone else. Actually, if I can get someone to animate for me, I’ve got a really fantastic one I’m dying to use.

  3. drakegrey on


    … Wait, the Sleestack had a cause?

    According to Enik those guys have a hard time with the daily Jumble, let alone a sophisticated credo. :)


    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Re: Aieeeee!

      Given a choice between primitive lizards played by basketball stars and that horrid girl, pass me a spear and a suit of scales. :)

  4. qthewetsprocket on

    can’t agree with you about rose, i’m afraid, but captain jack is a dote.

    btw – you’re more excited about giles than sarah jane and k-9? priorities, man; priorities!

    I can’t wait until it makes it over to this side of the Atlantic, m’self. :)

    get yourself some dsl and a good bittorrent client and you won’t have to. *fervently hopes my dsl installemnt goes smoothly this friday*

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      No, you have it backwards. I’m infinitely more excited about K-9 and Sarah Jane. I never watched Buffy.

      And I can’t get bittorrent to work. I’ve tried.

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