Hey, look, a post without politics!

The Central States Numismatic Society show started today, at the convention center downtown. The Gallery Mint was hand-cranking and hand-hammering some verrah cool commemoratives. The hand-hammered one looks very Grecian, with Alexander Magnos (or someone very like him) on the obverse and Pegasus on the reverse. The milled one is very mid-19th century in style and (unsurprisingly for a coin minted that day) has lustre that just won’t quit.

Saw a couple “excuse me while I go change my underwear” coins. One was an early 19th century George III proof farthing whose provenance goes back to James Watt Jr (son of the great Scottish engineer, not the doofus Reagan put in Interior) and which happened to be stored perfectly. It looks like it came off a modern press, deep mirror like field and thick frost. Oh, lordy, and I got to hold it. Not the coin itself, but the case it was in, but still. Whurf. Also a MS65 (read: f’n near perfect) MCMVII wire-rim high relief St. Gaudens double eagle. If you don’t know what it is, it’s this: the single most beautiful coin this country has ever minted. An example is here.

Goin’ back tomorrow. Got some neat goodies today, the highlights of which are probably the Polish 10 złotych coins with Mikolai Kopernik and Marie Skłodowska-Curie. Images are in the process of going up on my OmniCoin page, for the curious.

Goin’ back tomorrow. Woo!


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  1. cashewlou on

    Woo! Pick me up a 1909-S VDB cent, XF condition or higher.

    Since its face value is only $.01, I will give you a whole dollar for it!


    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      You would just wet yourself to see some of the coins I’ve seen. Dude. Do yourself a favor and arrange to attend a collector’s convention. Five proof 1856 Flying Eagle cents all lying next to each other. I mean, really, that’s just pants-wetting time. Deep cameo Barber halves and quarters with frost like you wouldn’t believe. I have seen coins the likes of which I couldn’t imagine before.

      I picked up an interesting few oddities today–a couple of Edward VIII pieces from a the African colonies. No portrait, but they’re among the few Commonwealth coins that got Eddie on their money before he ditched the throne for Miz Simpson. And a 1/3 farthing from 1868. A third of a farthing–that’s 1/2880th of a pound Sterling. That’s just crazy.

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