If looks could kill…

Wow. The look on The Moron’s face as Stephen Colbert handed him his ass could only have been more threatening if the look had been on Darth Cheney’s face.

It’s a must-see. Between Limbaugh’s arrest and this, it’s been a good weekend!


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  1. tharain on

    oh my fuckin’ god. he did NOT say that stuff with the Fucktard In Chief in the ROOM, did he?

    He’s my new hero.

    Da DAMN.

    • Dude. He looked him in the eyes and said it. And let the press have it, too. What kills me is how muted the response was in general. His biggest laughs were not for his funniest lines, but for his safest. My, how the media has changed. I remember watching the press corps dinners on C-SPAN when President Clinton was in office, and the more pointed the lines, the bigger the laugh–including from Mistah Bill himself.

  2. qthewetsprocket on

    ah, dear. and here i was just getting to like him as a comedian too. oh well…i hope they make his cement overshoes the right size…*bookmarks page*

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