A note to my fellow Buckeyes

Today is a primary election. Please go vote. Let’s see a huge Democratic turnout, even though all the races are pretty well decided.

If, somehow, you are an Ohio Republican who reads my LJ, please go vote for Jim Petro and stop that goddam crook Blackwell’s power grab in its tracks. Petro is one of the few Repubs for whom I have a modicum of respect, for what I saw him do back in 1994 when he was summoned for jury duty the same two weeks I was–he bloody well showed up and served his time rather than send a note to get out of it. Gotta respect that, regardless of party. While it will be harder for our man to defeat Petro this fall than it would Blackwell, I’d rather a hard, fair fight to even the remotest chance that that lunatic could become our next governor.

Interesting: the voting machines in our precinct have all been replaced with touchscreen electronic machines. They do not provide a paper receipt to the voter, but they do print out a paper receipt to be stored in the machine itself, and you can watch it printing out.


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