I can think of a few things to put on those signs…

From normadesmond: I wonder if I can avoid doing what this guy did…


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  1. chilayse on


    I’d be so cracking up if I passed those signs.

  2. the_dark_snack on

    Two blocks away from our church was a sign that someone had tampered with that read: LICK SLOPEE PUSSY

    Of course we did not have the camera in the car that day and it was moved later. Still, it was interesting.

    • Hee! Yeah, that’s another thing I have so far had the inner strength to avoid doing–messing with ground-level church signs. But it takes lots of self control. :)

      • the_dark_snack on

        Oh no, it was actually a sign for a local bar that had been altered. It was just that it was about two blocks away from our church.

        My favorite church sign was entirely unaltered. It was a sign that had a very large pertion and then a smaller one underneath.
        It read: Jesus is Coming
        Are You

        (on the smaller sign) Ready Mountainburg

        You really didn’t see the second part at first and we almost had a wreck. Again, no camera. However, if you check out ‘s icons, the “Fish Fry” one is a real unaltered sign that a local church uses.

  3. thattallguy201 on

    I don’t understand…

    … is there some reason you feel you *should* avoid doing what that guy did??

    • Re: I don’t understand…

      With my luck, the moment I touch one would be the same moment a Columbus cop decides to get off his ass and actually do some police work. I mean, they can’t be bothered to catch speeders or the other assorted morons that infest the roadways–they’re too busy drinking coffee or blowing through red lights not because they’re in pursuit but just because they can.

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