Okay, last post for the day

I completely ♥ Captain Jack.


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  1. cashewlou on

    The Mike Kazaleh comic…?

  2. ataniell93 on

    We get Captain Jack tonight?????

    Woo hoo!!! *dances*

    • Oh yeah. We got already, you get in an hour to two. I likes him lots. :)

      • ataniell93 on

        EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! T-minus 53 and counting :)

        • I went squee. He’s very squee-worthy. :)

          • ataniell93 on

            Dude. If we had met him while we were still married it might have worked out. Unless we started fighting over who got him when.

            • You mean until. Although I think if he slept in the middle, it might’ve lasted a bit longer. ;)

              The actor, however, bats exclusively for my team. On the downside for me, he’s had the same partner for the last 15 years. Ah, well.

              • ataniell93 on

                I feel your pain.

                The actor upon whom I currently have one of the biggest, baddest thespian crushes I have ever had in my life, who in his interviews reveals himself constantly to be exactly the sort of person I would adore, bats exclusively for MY team. But has lived with the same woman for ages and she’s really really good for him. It makes me really happy for him.

                In a slightly painful kind of way.

    • afeldspar on

      Yes! Captain Jack will get you high tonight! He’ll take you to your special island! … oh. I think we’re thinking two different Captains. nemmind.

      • ataniell93 on

        Oh, this one’s gettin’ me quite high enough.

      • dragonscholar on

        . . . no it’s the same, wether you realize it or not.

  3. argh_jim on

    Who gets you high?

    (I just watched it too, Mr. Spock)

  4. cashewlou on

    Awwww…I like Mike Kazaleh’s Captain Jack.

  5. bizarra on

    ditto! We loved it too. I liked the creepyness of it. Especially when the empty gasmask faced people sat up the first time and the other guy’s face then turned into a gas mask. That sufficiently creeped me out. and Blast, I hate to be continued! LOL

    But i too loved Captain Jack.

    • Boy, it didn’t take you long to get you a Doctor icon, did it? :)

      The ‘to be continued’ think actually takes me back to the old days, when a single story could take three to eight episodes.

      I approve. :)

  6. qthewetsprocket on

    told ya you would. :)

    • I think we have to officially give him the award for Sexiest Thing Ever On Doctor Who–Old And New Series. Champagne on an invisible spaceship moored to Big Ben… now that is my kind of romantic!

      • billfl on

        Yes, but definite points off for having it the middle of a German bombing run.

        On the other hand, this ep was extremely heavy into the whole atmosphere thing. Even with the weirded-out monkey cymbal doll thing that gave me “Merlin’s Shop” flashbacks.

        Creepy phrase of the week – “Are you my mummy?”

        • Actually, Big Ben would’ve been a fairly safe place to be–I believe the Luftwaffe had orders to avoid hitting things that would monumentally piss off every single Brit in the whole world and bring rapid and really really horrible retribution down on their heads. Had they hit Big Ben, game over. Look what happened when they hit Buckingham Palace–up to that point, British morale was getting low and the royal family was not popular… then came the pictures of the royals digging out and solidarity was instantaneous and universal.

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